Logrosán Museum

The museum is situated in the centre of the village of Logrosán in the old building of the former Chamber of Agriculture. It has many sections: illustrious sons, mining, geology and tourist information. Every month, there are exhibitions on different themes such as minerals, fossils and geology.

The basis of the museum is the geological history of Logrosán and it region which determine the local mining history. To illustrate this there is an exhibition of more than 250 specimens of minerals and a paleontological collection and a modest exhibition of good samples of regional fossils. There is also a mining collection that incorporates various elements of this activity at the mines Costanaza and Cerro de San Cristobal. This includes photographs of archaeological materials from the Sos Baynat collection, books and various documents.

There is also historical information about the village like a series of books and old documents (original or facsimile), coins, etc. The museum has a reference library on issues related to the contents of the museum and mapping of Extremadura (past and present, general and thematic). The museum also features a versatile conference room, audiovisual equipment, courses, exhibitions... and a permanent display of paintings by local artists. The key objectives of the museum are to restore, study, preserve and spread the natural and cultural heritage.

Logrosán museum: c/ Ortega y Gasset, 10, Logrosán, http://museodelogrosan.blogspot.com
e-mail: museo.logrosan@hotmail.com

Interpretation centre of the Costanaza Mine in Logrosán (Under construction)

The restoration of a phosphate mine in Logrosán will be carried out so that the visitor can get into the mine gallery on a wagon. This visit will be continued by a visit to the mine laboratory. Thus the visitor will be able to understand the process from the extraction of ore to the final production of superphosphate.