Information Center of the Caves of Castañar de Ibor

The Castañar Cave, located in the village of Castañar de Ibor, was found by chance in 1967 when a neighbor who was working on his land saw that the legs of the animal used for this work sank into the ground. This revealed a cavity with an impressive and very fragile world of speleothems, extremely fine and of delicate beauty. Formations as seen in the Cave of Castañar are very rare in the world.

As the environment of the cave is extremely fragile, visits to the cave are currently strictly controlled  the conditions set forth below have to be strictly followed:

To apply for a visit, preferably by phone and/or fax:
927 554 635 in the morning and afternoon. Monday closed.

In writing, Centro de Interpretación del Monumento Natural “Cueva de Castañar"
Ctra. del Camping, s/n, 10340 Castañar de Ibor (Caceres)

By e-mail,

The application shall contain:
D.N.I./Passport number
Contact telephone, fax and/or e-mail of the applicant.
In case of a group a group the application must contain the data of all persons.