Interpretation centre of the birds special protection area of the Sierra de Villuercas and Valle del Guadarranque in Cañamero

This centre is situated next to the entrance road to the reservoir of the Cancho del Fresno, in a privileged place with spectacular views.
The interpretation centre has the function to inform, guide and and to facilitate the best possible information on the natural values in the protected area. At the same time, it is an instrument to make people aware of the natural and cultural attractions in the area.
There is a fully equipped classroom with an audiovisual system that highlights the natural and cultural heritage of Villuercas-Ibores-Jara.  

An exhibition space called "Focus on the territory" explains renewable energy, geology and geomorphology, typical prodcuts, traditional uses, impact of man and schematic cave paintings by means of educational panels of the Natura 2000 network and the network of protected areas of Extremadura.
There are displays of handicrafts and educational games for visitors on the information provided in the center, as well as relevant information about restaurants and accommodation.

The center has another area to "zones and species" of the ZEPA (Special Bird Protection Area), there we discover the wildlife that inhabits the territory and in particular the birds and the different habitats and vegetation.
In this area we can find the "space of the senses" where through our own senses we can discover the essence of the nature that surrounds us.

Finally, the center features an interactive scale model and an observatory with a telescope on the terrace of the building.

Address and contact: Road from Cañamero to Berzocana s/n. Tel.: +34 927 399 002

Reception Centre for Geopark visitors in Cañamero (Under construction)

The former school in Cañamero will be transformed into a reception centre for the Geopark visitors. This centre will be the entrance of the Geopark and will supply the visitor with all the informative and didactic materials needed to visit and get to know the Geopark. The centre will have an exhibition room, an interpretation centre, an audiovisual room, and a souvenirs and local products shop.