In the Geopark there are 44 sites of geological intrest, 26 points of particular intrest for bird-watchers and 20 zones that will attract any lover of nature.

Of all the sites of geological intrest in the park, these forty-four have been selected for their distinct geological relevance. Either for their geomorphological features like the Villuercas Peak or the Valle de Santa Lucia syncline with the splendid views it offers from Cabañas del Castillo, or their geological interest as the Portilla (Defile) of the Almonte River or the Estrecho de Peña Amarilla (Yellow Rock Gorge).
Some of them stand out for their paleontologic value, most notable the Ibor River cloudina fosile deposit, others for the marks that man has left in rock shelters, cave paintings and mining activities showing the presence humans since ancient times.
Of these geological sites, a significant number are easily accessible and are worth visiting both for touristic and educational reasons.

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PDF's with a description of the geosites can be downloaded from Not all are in English though.
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