Geovilluercas is an association of businesses and people interested in this area and its possibilities, willing to work to develop and maintain diverse and quality tourism.

The aim is to assure that travelers will enjoy their stay with us while discovering an area that has much to offer. GeoVilluercas works on all aspects of the development of tourism in the Geopark. Carrying out projects and activities focussed on the development of tourism, to promote all our resources, be it geological, natural, cultural, culinary or ethnographic.

The recent incorporation of our area to the European and Global Geoparks Networks opens exciting new opportunities and interesting work for our organization and for our entire region.

GeoVilluercas, Avda. Juan Pablo II, 19-b. 10140 - Guadalupe (Cáceres) Spain.
Tel.: (+34)927113828 / (+34)654376803

GeoVilluercas is registered with the Registro de Asociaciones de Extremadura under nº: 3606 Sección 1ª